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Thread: Where to sell an idea ?

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    Lightbulb Where to sell an idea ?

    Hello guys,

    Alright, i wake up today in my bed, it's 6:00am , just lazing around and thinking how crooked my life is. Then, i say, God give me an idea, fat a** bill gates had one, bald sabeer bhatia had hotmail. I'm smart, good-looken, but im here down the street, living in a room with my computer all day, and still i dont have nothing. I neglect that thought, and just look at the scene outside through the window, when almost unexpectedly, and suddenly, i get an idea that could change the way internet works, or more specifically, e-commerce security works.
    Now, as i lay , it's 10am, im a billionaire by now, lol
    in any case, i come back to reality, realize that's it's not that easy, and to execute the it, i would need heavy investment, and risk, because it may not be sureshot. So, i was wondering guys,

    where can i sell an idea ?

    ive heard of enterpreneurs who buy ideas, but how does that work ?
    who, where, how ?
    I didnt want to be mean and not give a small hint to what i was thinking, but this is a big website, and , i dont think i would like to leak it. You think yourself in the same position, nobody would. So, what can i do ? How to secure sell it ?

    P.S. - This is all the effect of a Bill Gates book im on these dayz lol, but anyway, im serious about this.
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    In order for you to sell an idea... don't you first have to get patent for it...

    Otherwise there is nothing stopping me from just saying... wait I woke up the other morning and thought of it myself... that idea belongs to me...

    After you get a patent then you can post it and sell it. They won't be able to use your idea then without your permission.

    If you are in the US... start here http://www.uspto.gov/
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    hello phish,

    thanks for the information, i knew about the patent.
    what i exactly wanted to ask was where,who and how to sell it ?

    thanks anyway, yeah i guess im going to get a patent too, by the way, im from New Delhi, India
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    You should do some preliminary work on it yourself,
    before revealing anything to someone else.
    If you put together some kind of demo or sales
    presentation, showing how your idea would eventually
    work, you could approach a software company and interest
    them in paying for further development.

    Of course, from then on, it will belong to them, so you have to
    strike a bargain with them before you reveal too

    Also, AFAIK, you cannot patent an "idea", you must
    have a working model or prototype.
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    hello rc

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's not that easy , huh
    I need time and luck, both

    thank you anyway
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