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Thread: Mozilla Phoenix 0.4 browser released

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    Mozilla Phoenix 0.4 browser released

    I've been watching the Phoenix browser project since the 0.1 release, and with the 0.4 release the browser has become incredibly good. It faster than most browsers and it's small. The interface is very good IMO, most of the screen is used for content, buttons and bars are kept to a minimum. It also supports tabbed browsing, which means all your documents are kept within one browser window (like Opera's single document interface).

    Still a part of the codebase is taken from Mozilla, but the developers are working on rewriting the whole thing to optimize performance and minimize size.

    All in all it's a good product. Of course it's free! download here: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/phoe...ase-notes.html

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    I'm using it now. Doesn't feel too bad. "Feels" similar to Galeon, which I normally use.

    Not surprising seeing as they're both based on mozilla and use gtk

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    wow, the roadmap is impressive, see at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/phoe...x-roadmap.html
    first version published on september, and they seem to have already done a good work. I'll try it.
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    nice.... light yet powerful. thanks for introducing this to me.

    got a screenshot for you interested in first hand. its easy to install as well. just mkdir /whatever/whatever/whatever etc tar xvzf or whatever you prefer and its done

    no compiliation necessary. anyway heres the screeny:

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