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    Question On Screen Clock

    I currently own a PII 500MHz ,64MB RAM, 8 GB HDD computer.I have Ms Windows98 2nd edition instolled on the machine. From last few day the clock on the computer always resets ,when a switch of the computer. I have tried to set the time correctly again but when I reboot the system the clock is always showing some other time. Please Adiise. To what is happing to my computer?. And it can be corrected

    Please help?????????

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    It's possible that your battery is failing (keeping your bios up to date). Normally your Bios should say something like "low battery status". Check your computer's mobo battery status. Keep your box ON for a couple of hours, to give the battery a chance to reload if that doesn't help -> get a new battery.

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    Just about to suggest that VictorKaum

    You might also want to check your time zone setting. Yeah I know, basic, but I had the same prob once and after searching through a bundle of FAQ sites to no avail, I went back and had realized that I hadn't set the correct time zone. It's now one of my priorities after flashing a new BIOS...doh!

    though if the time is resetting to 12:00, then it's quite possible it's your battery...

    Just for giggles you could also try a time server sync:

    World Time Server

    or a good Google search for "atomic clock" came up with some possibilities...
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    If you are connected to a network, the "time server" may be set wrong.

    I know that in NT/2K/XP, you can type

    net time

    at the command prompt and find the servers time settings. Don't know if it works for 9x.

    Do you have any software that will sync your time with a "global" clock or anything?

    VictorKaum and ChAiNZ both had good suggestions.
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    Great time synch utility.
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