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Thread: Osama bin Virus

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    Osama bin Virus

    I Was came cross this intersting looking article , whick I thought should be shared.

    Click On Click Belowhttp://www.vmyths.com/rant.cfm?id=410&page=4

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    Actually the internet would be considered a valuable tool to those attempting to cause havoc in other parts of the world. It contains a wealth of information and it also allows them a means of communication. Things like Echelon, Carnivore, Magic Lantern, Cyber Knight, and D.I.R.T. should be considered more of a threat. (There are theories that HARRP has a dual purpose, but that is speculation and best left to personal discussions)
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    Internet is the information medium of the next 20 yrs (till we get better) and that can be used for good and bad purpose. Don't worry , the 'good guys' are watching over us right now .... they are listed right on top for is it the real list ? or could it be longuer ...
    bin laddin can't and won't do it because if anyone cuold bring the net down they would first use it to get shitloads of cash and then they wouldn't care about the rest of the world
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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