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Thread: NBTSTAT in XP 2

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    Talking NBTSTAT in XP 2


    Please, could someone tell me why when i type nbtstat -A (and an ip address that i know has a shared net with netbios on tcp/ip activated) in my PC with Windows XP it always says "host not found", always. I have tested a wide range of ips with my PC with Windows ME and all is OK, it always finds the respective netbios names, but not when using my Windwos XP, it never, but never, finds a host. I have formated the hard disk and install XP again to be sure all is OK and no conflict is on my PC but still nothing to do. Again, do i have to do or activate something special on Windows XP so the nbtstat command could work ok?

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    Wait a sec, didn't you post this quite a few times? Why didn't you just bump the threads you already created instead of making a third one?
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