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Thread: M$'s next OS

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    M$'s next OS

    Saw an Article on seattlepi.com about M$'s next OS.

    ...what has leaked out so far.

    The next version of the world's most popular desktop operating system, code-named "Longhorn," is due out in test form next year and in final form in 2004. It will have a new look and feel, very different from Windows XP's. Its guts will also be radically different from Windows XP's, because they're based on XML -- extensible markup language, the emerging lingua franca of the Internet. And it will be the first version that won't function fully without new hardware.
    I already don't like it...
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    In reference to palladium:
    "This could bring a higher level of security than anything we've ever seen. It will almost completely prevent the platform from being compromised."
    Suuuure guys..... Almost can't wait for the 1st zero day exploit
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    arg. A new file system in order to make the interoperability with Linux harder, a new centralised software to make all... the bugs possible, and obviously our little Palladium which will transform our "computers" in "M$ credit cards".
    It will be hard to bear this.
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    And it will be the first version that won't function fully without new hardware.
    So if you don't want to but special hardware what kind of functionality will you get? Sounds like this is shaping up to be the version of windows that finally drives everyone to Linux.
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    I hope they will allow refunds, because most people that will buy this will return in a days time. I think they are finally seeing the competition of Linux, and are trying to keep all their customers. Like Cwk9 said, " Linux, will be very well reconized as soon as this comes out." Best of lucks to them, but i doubt it is going to do that well in the markets. -Ebo

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    i saw this the other night and i thought it suited my past experiences with M$
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    This is the one that will transform your PC into a "thin client",
    hardwired to the "Microsoft Mainframe".

    You are guaranteed to have a safe and sanitized experience,
    enjoying all the "content" deemed appropriate by "he who
    must not be named"
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    One might think, "Sadly, so it must be. So it shall be."

    According to Biblical prophecy this is the way of things, a false unity.


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    It doesnt sound like linux has to become more user friendly after all, it looks more like MS will be driving its users away instead. I mean they throw a curve ball with the layout of XP, and then change it yet again? do they have a major head problem, people wont want to be learning a new and different layout every two years just to keep their jobs.
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    Unfortunatly... Human nature is the path of least resistance...

    1/ While it is easiest to get
    2/ Needs the lowest intelligence to get it to do something (note I did not say work)
    3/ Has the highest software support..
    Windows ?? OS's will be king of the pile..

    Show the Mugs it is easy to use, (as a customer said to me.. "I don't give a rip about security.. just show me how to get to the Smut"), Have it there for them to Use... and get the big Manufacturers (HP, Dell) to put a domestic Linux box out there.. And the Big Retailers Stock it ... then and only then will the tide start to turn against M$..

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