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Thread: Perl socket!

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    Wink Perl socket!

    I need to know where i can get a lot of tutorials on socket programming in perl thx in advanced! plz help me out............

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    i recommend that you search www.google.com for it

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    Don't you think i already tried that i didn't have any luck finding a good tutorial!

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    i guess it all depends on what you need from a tutorial but the ones ive listed all look pretty good to me

    google search for 'sockets perl'

    on the first page of returns:


    ***the above you'll need to cut and paste***


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    Is it possible to encrypt perl codes so other people can't view the source codes?

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    Not in any kind of meaningful way. It IS a scripted language, and I wasn't born yesterday I know why you want to know that. Perl is a poor choice to write virii/worms/trojans.

    Move along.
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