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Thread: Man Fry's Egg on his Athlon XP chip!

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    Man Fry's Egg on his Athlon XP chip!

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    I saw this some time back at TomsHardware or something. what some people do with their over clocked cpus amazes me still.

    Why in the hell would you want to do that? I mean if you mess up and get egg all over the inside of your box... you would be kicking yourself in the ass for not using the stove or microwave...
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    thats hilarious.. dunno if i would have done something that time consuming just to prevent the risk of screwing over the proc..... that guys insane. o well got him some publicity. good find.

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    lol that is hilarious .What is next , Roast Beef on the cisco router? lol oh well , hilarious otherwise.
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    CXGJarrod Man That was some recipe. Now here to find a recipy to cook "POPCORN" In A printer/Computer?????

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