with the new version of M$ windows due to set out in 2004, there will be a program that is inbuilt with it. it is called paladier(sorry bout the spelling). this program practically purges anything that it doesnt like. for example, MYOB(Mind Your Own Business) which is a program many businesses use to store sales info and all the rest. for many businesses, they need to store tax info for 7yrs.

so lets start here, paladier doesnt like MYOB and therefore will purge it straight away. this means that businesses will loose tax and sales info and probably be in trouble with the tax man. then the businesses will sue M$ for whatever they want. (and you know where this is going)

and to top it all off, paladier hasnt been bought by M$ and when the developers find out, they will sue M$ for inducting progs that shouldnt have been. just like they did with paint ect.

it just makes me wonder why M$ goes to all that trouble to get sued by all those people. and that no one is going to buy the new windows cause of the risk of data purgeing.

Just thought you'd like to know.