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    Chernobyl re-write ?

    i was reading this article


    and thought what if a virus like this was released in to the wild it's main design as far as this story says
    is to over write the flash-BIOS on computers making them unable to boot a really bad piece of nastware im glad to see this hasnt been released in to the wild

    read the link for the full story
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    Fk, that is a nasty little bitch of a virus!
    Renderring your box unusable!

    Hope for all the windows users out there, that this doesnt hit the wild, cos if it does the guys at pc world, etc. will be making a fortune in new pc sales!



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    Description: CIH has caused widespread infection since its discovery in June 1998.

    Full Article from About: http://antivirus.about.com/library/v...rms=Flash+BIOS
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I think people running any TRUE 32 bit Windows system (NT/2K/XP) should be safe from these virii as the virus needs to run in real mode. So it's only people running 95/98/Me who need to worry.
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