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Thread: Would You Pay A Monthly Subscription Fee?

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    would you be buying your way out of the antipoints system? that doesn't seem right.
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    Hmm...theres something a little peculiar here. Oh i see what it is! the sentence is talking about itself! do you see that? what do you mean? sentences can\'t talk! No, but they REFER to things, and this one refers directly-unambigeously-unmistakably-to the very sentence which it is!

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    Id actually be happier if it was something like a fee u pay once for a half a year, maybe 30 bux? or there could be a thing where u pay a larger sum all at once and get a full lifetime subscription, like 150 bux or something like that, but thats only if the site is guarenteed to stay as is for a while, otherwise id be cheeted out of my money!

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    The long and short of it is that I could justify paying only if the content were something remarkable, the delivery was stable and undiluted with useless bantering and whining, and there were changes for the better on the horizon that would enhance the content. I would see it more as an investment. But just as easily, that viewpoint can change where upon I wouldn't be willing to spend a dime.
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    I don't think I would pay unless anti-online was focused more on security related topics. Right now it feels that people post what ever is on their mind and that isn't security. Perhaps its members like myself fault for not writing tutorials and setting an example.

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    concidering I regularily contribute to other organizations yes, however a few changes may need to happen.

    Perhaps a newsstand style subscription to a monthly newsletter/zine, simply look at 2600's long standing run... A content referral service for professional members (cause sometimes it's nice to be able to email someone a question and get an answer). A big fat bumper sticker, and maybe a lighter with the antionline logo.... (eh... )

    If you consider a magazine subscription to run about $4.00 a month, and attach a well written and informative subscription to an antionline membership, as well as cleaner content (less crap more info) I'd be in with no quam's.
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    To be short, No.

    I also have this strange habit to back up from something that charges you for things that used to be free. Especcially when you can get it somewhere else for free. The only thing that AO has to offer are the 3.000 active members and shared knowledge, which can also be retrieved from a few googles. The rest are just thingies. I dont pay for thingies.

    If AO would ever charge people for things, or start some online shop or something, or any Amazon book banner ****, then i'm out.


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    Well JP yes I would pay as a matter of fact anyone that actually works for a living would pay the $25 or under figure is good less then my usual business subscriptions to a vareity of magizines. I do not think the site would die either but maybe if the free was taken away much of the BS would go with it. Site is worth it! Think people it's less then your anual Playboy, or Hustler, what ever subscription, and you can relax your hand One hand typing no more LOL!
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    I probably would pay, but only if it was under $2 a month (I can't afford any more than that). Also, I'd wait and see how many of the existing members signed up. There would be no point paying if the likes of hogfly, negative, the_Jinx, MsMittens etc were not going to pay.
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    Paying for AO?

    I guess 75%+ agree with me on saying "Hell no, we wont pay." We are fine with the amount of ads that are currently on the server. If we had to start paying, even for premium membership a lot of people who stop comming to AO simply becuase they would think "JP sold out" or whatever.

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    Thumbs up 10 buxs per year

    Hi JP,

    I donít mind paying 10 -15 buxs per year for access to specialized topics such as tutorial, securities etc. But I still believe general discussion areas should be free, so that we have a greater pool of information. I also donít mind having a single ad on each pageÖ. in order for AO to survive.


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