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Thread: If you had the choice.

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    Senior Member roswell1329's Avatar
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    Originally posted here by er0k
    JP just dump the site, we will move on. sell it for your better interest and go. dont worry about us.
    I would miss the threads on AO, but I agree with Erok. If the site is becoming a bit of a financial or emotional burden, dump it. Get all that you can for it, and be done with it. It's nice that you're trying to keep everyone here happy, but we all will move on.
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    I hope this doesn't offend JP and I will tell you my opinion but first, it is your site to do with as you please. You will not please everyone and I honestly feel that these types of polls end up being detrimental not helpful in the long run. You may get a consensus but when the change comes you will also get many saying how they didn't figure it would be this, or they didn't expect that, and others upset you didn't listen to them.

    You need to do what is in your best interest. You have put up a great site, I love it, if what you do makes it bad then I doubt the users will continue to come here out of loyalty to the site or you. Therefore I highly recommend that you base your decision the same why. Sure you should not be out to mess around with us but you have proven in the past that this is not your intent.

    Now my opinion: Of all of the options listed 3 is the only one I am opposed to. It would instantly reduce the number of users here, would stop casual viewers from coming in and would quickly destroy the site. Notice I never said I was opposed to paying a fee just that the nature of these sites and the broad range of users here seems to preclude this option.

    Other than that it all depends upon implementation. Since that is tricky I would again refer you to my main point. Make the choice that works best for you. You have done a great job for us and all I can give you is my full support whatever your decision. Even if it should lead to my decision to leave this community I will always be grateful for the time, help, and pleasure I have received from the AO community and your efforts.
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    I see several ups and down to each option. Of the options that you've presented, one thing I can say with relative certainty is that I would prefer the site to remain in your control if possible, simply because we have no idea what the new owner(s) might choose to do with the site. Right now AO is a very comfortable place where I have chosen to make my nest, and if new owners get in here and start mucking about too much, that atmosphere may change. I prefer to stay with a known commodity if at all possible.

    Of the remaining options, more advertising and free is probably going to be the more popular and "politically correct" one. There is a distinct culture of "everything should be free" on the Internet generally, and I don't see why AO should reflect anything different. The only thing people don't seem to object to paying for is their pr0n. People will gripe about ads, but I doubt that any will quit over it. The downside, as mahakaal said, is that so many people use ad blocking software now that (depending on your revenue model) it may or may not do what you need and we could find ourselves faced with this dilemma again down the road if the advertising market dries up again like it did recently.

    The big advantage that I see to a subscription based membership is that, while it will undoubtedly cost the site a lot of members who can't/won't pay a fee, it may help to drive the signal-to-noise ratio back down to something acceptable. In other words, traffic would be restricted to people who are serious about this topic and we would get far fewer kiddies popping in just because the site turned up in their Google search for "how to hack hotmail." It would be a step backward for the site in terms of losing members, but it may be two steps forward for the content of the site and consequently, your workload. The downside is that people with one or two legitimate questions may not feel justified in paying membership fees to a site just so they can ask a couple of simple questions, and that will hurt us because some of those people may decide to stick around after their questions are answered. I know we've had a few really good members like that in the past.

    So to me, option 4 seems to provide the best balance between availability of information for the masses and serious discussion for the senior members. So that's my vote.

    BTW, none of the polls seem to be accepting my votes.
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    if i could choose it would be to have more ads and have you running it. if thats what it takes to keep you, than so be it. you drive a hard bargain.
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    I would prefer option 2 if that would ensure things stay as they are. Since several of the options point to revenue generation I would like to throw out one more. I would be willing to make a donation to the site if that option was available.
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    I have to go with the keeping the ownership the way it is, but adding 3rd party advertising.
    I would not mind paying a fee for membership, even though I don't always spend much time here. My only problem with that would be(as someone else pointed out) that casual visitors might not come by as much, and we could lose a fair number of good members. Although, it might keep the kiddies away.

    I would have to second about the donations thing. I think I "probably" would donate to keep the site running if it were needed. As long as the site doesnt horibly change for the worse. I usually donate to things which I use free of charge that need funding if I enjoy them and make use of them. NPR for example, some of the great shareware I have used, etc...

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    There is no free lunch (everyone has bills to pay). I would be willing to pay a monthly fee as long as it was reasonable and I could also get technical help with problems from others. That is what I basically need.Those who wanted advertising could have a chance to upgrade perhaps with the offer of extra features on this site. I like this site there should be moderators(objective people) perhaps they could rotate so as not to be accused of favoriitism Rules of courtesy for everyone whether you opted for advertising or not. I hope you would stay since you started this(your child) I never minded the AP's but wanted common sense replies( no idiocy or sarcasm in them)I think Tedob 1 would be a wonderful candidate for a moderator he is so reasonable. I would be willing to put up with advertising
    as long as it didn't drive me crazy. Auntie

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    You keep it, and more ads. Thats my feelings. I understand that you have basically achieved the goal you wanted when creating this site, and your beginning to feel like this has no where else to go. That may be partly true. If its time for you to let it go and move on to bigger better things, then by all means don't let the site act as a "ball and chain". You've worked this community into a self-sufficient society with its own checks and balances, and for that reason, you should be able to let the community run itself, with maybe some added mods.

    On a side note, I think you should do whatever you think is best for you. I know I wouldn't want to get stuck in something that I didn't want to deal with. Prolly why I'm still single

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    More ads. I remember asking to be able to disable the banner-free site surfing It's the easiest way to contribute value while still remaining a cheapskate.
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    It wont let me vote so im just going to state my opinion... I think antionline should stay put w. as much advertising as you want and along w. it a premium members section w. a small subscription fee.... although we DO know that AO members tend to be pretty damn cheep from the whole bail JP out thing, who knows maybe some will pay...

    i think that if it was sold to a completely different 3rd party alot of things would come to ruins... but who knows.

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