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Thread: XP Personal Firewall

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    We'll work with 1 PC as a server and then 5 more PC's. Yes, we'll need a server one.

    Which brand do you suggest to buy?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Red face XP Firewall

    Problem with the XP firewall is that it is not
    turned on by default....
    Yes it is basic.... but it works !
    I use a hardware soultion myself.
    Many users who have the older Windows OS's do not
    turn off file sharing... and/or install iis which is
    real unsecure....
    You can use that scanner from www.rawlogic.com and
    find lots of open computers on the web....
    most are 95/98/ME boxes
    If you log Code Red or Nimda .. you get the message

    In most cases Any Firewall is better than NONE!
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    Sorry, maybe my last question didnt exlpain myself:

    You can either have a dedicated server and install all the appropriate firewall software on it. Remembering that you will also need to know how to harden whatever operating system platform you choose.

    Or, now you can purchase appliance firewalls which are like little boxes, which come preconfigured and prehardened. So with a little configuring of routes and interfaces, you can just plug it in, and away you go.

    If you are comfortable with linux and have some understanding on hardening a linux box, you could have a shitty old server running ipchains or iptables. Very cheap, and if set up correctly and used to its full potential, very secure. On the other hand, if you prefer a lovely GUI interface, and you couldnt be stuffed hardening a server, you could get something like SmoothWall. It has a nice GUI, easy to use, and you download an image of the OS, so to some extent, it is prehardened.

    Or if you are concerned about warrenties, support etc.. and you want to spend up on a product. Checkpoint is the market leader, and their firewalls are pretty good.

    But in the end, its your call.....

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    Now we'll have plenty of different ways form where we can choose to "protect" our LAN.

    You have really helped us.


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