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Thread: redhat 8 as a gateway for dialup internet

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    redhat 8 as a gateway for dialup internet

    ive got redhat 8 working nicely now, waiting on my new windoze box to arrive and was wondering how would i set up redhat 8 as a gateway for my windoze box to access the net through?

    my LAN is eth0 and is set up using private address, i did know fo a tute that explained this on the web somewhere but have now lost the copy i had and forgot where i found it, if anyone could point me in the direction fo where i could find something on this or could give me some help it would be nice :-)

    also the windoze box will most likely run win2k or winxp, its an athlon, 512 ram if you need any tech details

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    http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/doc...squerade-HOWTO is what you are looking for. If your dialup is only a modem I wouldnt bother though

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    I run RedHat 8.0 and WinXP Pro as a dual boot system, but no matter which way i work it, i always find that with a dialup that Red Hat seems to hang longer and uses more online resources than other OS.

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    Well, if you want to get down into the guts of things and really learn how iptables works, then you need to look at the HOWTO, as owensleftfoot said.

    However, if you just want to get something working quickly, you can go to http://www.hideaway.net/iptables and it will generate a very nice masquerading iptables script for you based on basic information you provide, such as your LAN and WAN interfaces and local network IPs.
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