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Thread: AO sell or not??

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    AO sell or not??

    " If you had the choice. Today at 09:47 AM
    Topic Started By: JP

    If members were hired part-time to run A Today at 09:43 AM
    Topic Started By: JP

    Would You Pay A Monthly Subscription Fee Today at 09:40 AM
    Topic Started By: JP

    An AntiOnline.com Retail Store? Today at 09:34 AM
    Topic Started By: JP"
    JP....it seems to me...you don't wanna sell this site..(I hope so..and I think some of us don't want you to sell this.."famous ever site"), but well... just my dummy suggestion "Just follow what inside your heart..what is the best choice for you..whatever come out your decisions...you will not regret it"

    What do you think Guys...??
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    I think all these threads and suggestions are a waste of time!
    If JP is going to sell, he will sell!

    Lets just wait and see how this all pans out, it wont be the end of the world if the site disappears! ( Well i hope not )

    So JP, if you're reading, just do whatever you feel you have to!

    End of discussion!


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    i just have the feeling that he won't sell it.
    don't know why.
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    JP is selling, if he didn't want to he wouldn't post a big sign on the front page. But I too wondered when I say those threads. Maybe JP's been thinkin'. Maybe he dosn't want to seel anymore. Or maybe, he's had offers and he wants to see what one too choose by asking the members. I hope most thinks stay the same, and good luck JP buddy.

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    He might have a big posted sign in the site, but he can also have a change of mind. Some maybe the suggestions or the offers that he got for it is not what he wants. Maybe he has not yet found the person that will continue to run AO the way he ran it. Maybe he wants somebody that will bring the best service for us. I know that JP will not just hand this site to anyone because of the money offer. He cares about the people that has been here, and until he finds somebody that will treat us the same, he won't sell it. -Ebo

    Thanks a lot JP, i hope you sell the site to somebody that will keep the tradition going.

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