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Thread: getting caught.

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    Unhappy getting caught.

    Hey everybody. Something just came to me just a little while ago.... Everywhere I see there are tons of files on how to hack, linux hacking, etc. But there isn't ANYTHING about showing you how keep from getting busted and going into the jail-house soup. So my question is, how do you keep from being caught? I know that your supposed to clean up log files, but is your ISP monitoring your online conduct? Do they know when you use a portscan? thanks for any info bout this matter.

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    dude- people are so going to neg your anti-points...
    There are tons of tutorials, papers, etc on not getting caught.
    Look for the word "Anonymous"...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Portscanning to the best of my knowledge is not illegal. Although many ISP's frown on it. Usually the only time an ISP will begin to monitor your activity is if you throw up some red flag on their system. This can be caused by many things including, multiple port scans, IP range scanning, multiple Netbios scans, etc. Usually the only time they will actually look up the logs is if a company reports your ip as a "hostile IP", that has been activly scanning a network.

    As for not getting caught: Well, you shouldn't be hacking away at just anyone's box anyway. The best way to legally hack is to join one of the several wargames that are going on, www.roothack.org , www.hackerslab.org , etc... or to set up your own LAN, purchase a seperate IP, and hack your own boxes. This is the way the more experienced hackers gain their skills, and best thing is, they don't have to worry about having the FEDS knock on their door.

    Well thats about it. Good luck.

    EDIT: I guess I should have also mentioned proxies etc. A proxy is a barrier between your computer and the internet. When you connect to a webpage, port, etc... The server sees the IP of the proxy, and not your own. But don't take this as a way to go rampage the internet. The major proxies all keep logs as well, and will have no remorse in giving the Feds, police, any information they need to track you down. So if your thinking a proxy is the way to go, think again.

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    Well your chances today of gettig busted are abot 90%, I'd say don't do anything wrong. The tools here are network tools used in a ligit way by people just making a living, you know like food on a table, roof to stay dry, food for the kids stomach thing. In short you cannot be caught for squat if you do nothing wrong. That has nothing to do with network security isses, questionnnn is by accident you find an exploit do you use it or inform? Hacking is all about morals, standards, protection of the home system and network, be a cracker jack you will be busted. There is nothing as Unknown here..that is just to make it easy.
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    You can be pretty certain that as time goes by your "work" that pattern matches certain nefarious activities will be tracked, logged and alerted upon more and more.

    You can also be quite certain that even if you manage to avoid your ISP's, the target ISP's and any other entity between them's monitoring systems and then delete the obvious logs there will be logs that are not so obvious and are impossible to erase, edit or mangle, (think stealth logging and/or a stealthed IDS)..... You're gonna see more and more of that too....

    Basically, if you plan on partaking of such activities you had better be real good at not leaving any trace - but then it is difficult not to - not and be absolutely sure you aren't being watched.......

    Be Afraid..... Be VERY Afraid......
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    From the sound of your post, sounds like you have bad intentions. IM not saying that you do. But before i wouldve posted that question I wouldve tried to word it diffrent. At least look some more on the subject. there are posts about that here. Personaly I would definately read up on as much as I could before trying anything that would get me busted , especially if I didnt know what I was doing. Now days they are coming up with new ways to catch you. Somebody is always going to be one step a head of you its only just a matter of when that time comes. the folks above me have already mentioned a few things, the only thing I would recommend as I am a nebie myself, is to read, read,read!

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    I have to say that the aattitude that is being used to ask this question, does not show that you will do the best things with the info that you are looking for. Like somebody said earlier, i am not saying that you are going to do bad things with it, probably curious, but that is a 1% chance that you are curious. I will not ask you to delete this thread, but do something about it, because you do not want to go in a deep fall of negging and flamings. Only trying to warning you before it gets any further. I hope that we can still get some good posts out of you in the future.

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