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Thread: At Vs Atx

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    At Vs Atx

    Some like ATX some like AT

    I LOATHE ATX and will *not* use it....so I need to adapt my boards that have been cursed with it...

    can anyone point me to where I can get specs on what each of the wires do for each of the power systems? thanks

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    Have em right here in my trusty pc upgrade and maintenance guide. Whats wrong with ATX. At lest with ATX you have only one connector and you don't fry your mother board when you put the p9 and p8 connectors on the worng way.

    1. +3.3v
    2. +3.3v
    3. Ground
    4. +5v
    5. Ground
    6. +5v
    7. Ground
    8. Power Good
    9. +5v_vr
    10. +12v
    11. +3.3v
    12. +12
    13. Ground
    14. Power On
    15. Ground
    16. Ground
    17. Ground
    18. +5v
    19. +5v
    20. +5v


    A) Orange Power Good
    B) Red +5v
    C) Yellow +12v
    D) Blue -12v
    E) Black Ground
    F) Black Ground
    G) Black Ground
    H) Black Ground
    I) White -5v
    J) Red +5v
    K) Red +5v
    L) Red +5v
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    Atx annoys me greatly, too much power controled...not be me!

    the reaason I'm asking for these conversion wire specs, is because I just got a bunch of pentium 200mhz workstations (there's good enough for me) but they're all atx.....so I need to do some soldering...heheheh

    I also plan on removing all of the on board connectors so I can add the old AT dongle type connectors.....Machine serves man...atx can screw its self.

    oh crap...and thanks for the wire specs, they are a big help, I've had to back trace all of the wire paths in power packs before(stupid HP workstations with their funky power systems)..it's not fun....so thanks again!

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