I have been searching google for a few days now, I think I am overlooking something or useing the wrong search keywords. The problem is:

I have a program I am makeing in C. I created a dailog box, and on that dialog box I made an Edit control (EDITTEXT). I want to change the font size because the default size is too small for what I want.

I have read my Win32 API documentation, browsed the MSDN and searched google. But I cant seem to find how to change the font size.

I know there is a WM_SETFONT message that can be sent to the edit control but that only changes the font used and not the size of the text. I also looked up all the information about the EDITTEXT controll in my resource script documentation. But there does not seem to be any style, or flag or anything I can put in my resource script to define the text size either.

I also looked up rich text edit controls, but can't sem to find an answer.

Can somebody advise me as to how I can go abouts changeing the size of the text inside a EDITTEXT control, or any edit control?

I looked for spasific messages for that control as well, such as EN_SETFOCUS and such, but there does not seem to be any message I can send either.