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Thread: Well.. someone made bash.org

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    Well.. someone made bash.org

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    damn u msmittens - now i have yet another site to waste time on >_<


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    MsMittens, thanks for the URL. Here is one that was really funny:

    #51237 +(15)- [X]

    <+[SFX]Newbie0> I had a dog once
    <+[SFX]Newbie0> my mom always told me when I got a boo-boo, to let the dog lick it
    <+[SFX]Newbie0> said it was antiseptic
    <+[SFX]Newbie0> One time, I had a sore throat
    <@[EoK]cheaptrick> I can see where this is going..
    <+[SFX]Newbie0> God I miss that dog
    <@[EoK]cheaptrick> ew..
    <+|WM|ePi> haha
    Ah, the idiocracy of IRC sometimes. It's well worth the look.

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    How nice..
    I've seen this site before and had a laugh or two !!

    this is a classic.. made me :ROFL:
    this is a bit old but fun non the less...
    this is realy funny..
    this is ugly..
    now this is just wrong..
    and this goes well with this
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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    This one is too good.
    <Mog> Anyone else having extreme AIM problems?
    <Seifer> Nope.
    <rabid_si[FFX]> Yeah. I can't seem to ****in' pee in the bowl today. >:
    <rabid_si[FFX]> It's all up the ****in' walls.
    <rabid_si[FFX]> Er...
    <rabid_si[FFX]> Oh.
    <Mog> ...
    <Seifer> Lol.
    <rabid_si[FFX]> You mean AOL Instant Messenger.
    <rabid_si[FFX]> Right...
    * rabid_si[FFX] whistles.
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