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    does anyone know where I can find the script that can disable ones firewall? I want to examine this script to see how it works. thanks.
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    More indepth...Ive heard from numerous people running a Windows Operating System 9.x, and XP, that they have visted certain sites, and only those certain sites where their firewall is disabled, or there is some sort of conflict between their machine and the webpage that makes the firewall mess up or disables it. I would like to know more about this purely for the sake of knowing it.
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    While this may be very valid information to know if you're trying to program some sort of protection software, this isn't a very appropriate place to ask this sort of question. AO is visited fairly frequently by script kiddies, and I'd hate to give away any information I had about how to disable firewalls right here in front of everyone and their mother. You might benefit a bit by rewording this question. Ask about something more specific like "Does anyone know what the packet structure is for communicating with a firewall?" Take that information and run your own tests on how to disable a firewall. You'll get fewer negs from the members of AO, and you'll get closer to the information you desire.
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    This is not a good way to be introducing yourself to this community. This is a security site, not a site to find malicious code. If you are interested in Firewall security, I suggest you ask about defenses here, and learn from there.... I would strongly urge you not to post anything quit so forward in the future.
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