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    Grrrr Javascript

    At the moment I'm working on this webpage for the AICD, but I can't seem to get rid of this javascript error! The page is set up with 3 frames for top, side and middle(content), and I'm still not sure which frame is causeing the trouble either, but my guess would be te middle frame, since the error doesn't occur on most pages. This site was designed in Adobe Golive. This error isn't very big on windows 2000, only displaying a little error icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. But on XP, it pops up a big error msg, which doesn't look very good for the clients =/

    Here is a page where the error occurs :

    Any advice or fix's would be greatly appreciated!

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    This is the error that I got when I visited your page..
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    I looked at most of the icons and it didnt give me a error message or anything.It seemed to be working fine.

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    Your gateway coding appears to be clean, however you will find the error somewhere that you have an "Event", like maybe "onclick", or "onload" or something similar either in your CSSScriptLib.js file or on one of your sub-pages: When you call up an event you must "define" the event. I also get the error popup when i visit your URL, but on mine it blames a runtime error on line 1437, which of course does not exist on your index page which is only about 50+ lines.
    But then, on the other hand, i may be all wrong. There are a lot smarter webmasters around here than i am, maybe one of them will pinpoint the problem for you. Good Luck.

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    Line 1438 has the following command that is not inside a funtion (it's right inbetween two other functions:


    It's in your CSScriptLib.js file

    Hope this helps

    Oh, and btw, I didn't get any error in Win2k.
    Mike Reilly

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