Who can take action: People who are entitled to a refund as defined by the End User License Agreement (EULA) included with their bundled Microsoft operating system(s). Typically, this would include two groups of people:

1.People who have not accepted the terms of Microsoft's EULA and who have decided to install an alternative OS on their system(s). Those who feel they are entitled to receive a refund should be prepared to offer supporting evidence; this may include proof of purchase and copies of any correspondence with the manufacturer, as well as the unopened software/documentation that may have been included with the computer system(s).

2.Windows users who were not permitted to transfer an existing license to a replacement computer but, instead, were forced to purchase the bundled copy of a Microsoft OS.
This is really interesting..is this some kind of Ms hatter?? (or How much Ms user dissapointed ..so they(how much on percentage ) take action?
Might be Microsoft will fight back for this action
I've got that link http://www.windowsrefund.net/modules...rder=0&thold=0