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Thread: Global survey reveals discontent with US

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    Global survey reveals discontent with US

    WASHINGTON (AP) - In the eyes of much of the world, this is America: an inconsiderate lone wolf that has really good entertainment but really bad values, that wants war with Iraq just to get oil but still should remain as the only superpower on Earth.

    In a broad international survey released Wednesday, the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that the United States is falling out of favor in 19 of 27 countries where a trend could be identified.

    The dislike was especially striking in Muslim countries. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed in Jordan had an unfavorable opinion of America, as did 69 percent of Egyptians and Pakistanis and 59 percent of Lebanese. In Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, Senegal, Turkey and Lebanon, the vast majority said they oppose the U.S.-led war on terrorism.

    But ill will toward the United States was also found in supposedly friendly nations like Canada, Britain and Germany.......

    ......A generally favorable view of America is held in 35 of the 42 countries that took part in the survey. Among Russians, U.S. popularity has surged 24 points, from 37 percent two years ago to 61 percent today. Similarly, 77 percent of Nigerians and 85 percent of Uzbeks had pro-U.S. views, up 31 percent and 29 percent respectively.

    The most common criticisms of the United States are that it acts by itself, it pushes policies that widen the gap between rich and poor nations, and it doesn't do enough to solve the world's problems.

    Americans don't necessarily agree.

    Seventy-five percent of Americans polled said U.S. foreign policy is considerate of others. But next door, only 25 percent of Canadians said America is a considerate world citizen.....

    ......Only 22 percent of Americans said oil is the United States' real motive for pursuing war with Iraq, but 44 percent of the British, 75 percent of the French, 54 percent of Germans and 76 percent of Russians held that view.
    Entire article without my taking liberties with it can be found on Yahoo.

    Perhaps a little introspection would be nice now....
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    Although this is full of statistics, and statistics can be bent to show what you want them to, I have to agree that the US is becoming increasingly isolated in its views and actions.

    When the US wants something, it goes all out to get it. Which sounds fine in principle, but not when underhand tactics come into play. If the US gets refused initially, the US starts making threats to the other conutry's economy and trade. This is essentially bully boy tactics and does not make for a level playing field. The odds get unfairly stacked in favor of the US.

    One comment I have heard from a few people about the US is as follows.

    Never underestimate the power of a vast number of very stupid people!

    This is another, perhaps incorrect, perception from people in other countries. The US tries to force its views and opinions on everybody else.

    How can anoyone trust the US when they signed up to the Kyoto agreement and then chose to ignore it because it would cost the economy slightly more. Surely the US can afford it.

    I suppose that most of the problems come down to the fact that the US is run by big business. If the people took control back, then maybe the rest of the world would start respecting them again.

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    How much of this ill will is do to our media pushing out film/tv and music that is not representative of American culture as a whole? To me, our industrial/economic sector motivated by greed has pushed out cookie cutter simpleton media throughout the world. Thus forever perverting the worlds perception of us. I read somewhere that BayWatch is the most popular show in the world. It is unfortunate that we cannot get the world to see other aspects of our culture.
    But what is the real issue here? World (mis)perception of America or reality of what America really is? America and its democracy is the broadest example of freedom in the history of the world for a heterogeneous society. If this grand experiment fails it will not be the fault of Americans but of those ideas and societies that populate America. What are we but a country of immigrants? America did not invent democracy, war, terrorism, captialism, greed or inequality. The world may look at us and not like what they see. America is a mirror of the ideas and people of the world. Americans need introspection, that is right, but the world needs to clear its mind and see what America really is…….a mixture of cultures and beliefs from across the globe that is trying to make it work. The world could continue to misperceive or ignore the facts. This is of course MHO! Cheers

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    It amazes me that people have so much opinion of how the US operates and what its motives are and yet, fall prey to the same thing they themselves crucify on a daily basis -the media portrayal of US foreign policy as seen on TV. I checked this site (AO) and its archives for any posting of this particular address and, not surprisingly, didn't find any links to it in any capacity.

    This is the US Department of State (International Information Program) website.
    In fact, did anyone know in this entire forum that there was an Anti-Americanism Conference
    on Sept 5th and 6th of this year?
    Most likely not, as it was a closed meeting to the public UNLESS of course you actually took the time to check out government websites (available to the public) and maybe read a little.

    The purpose of this conference is to explore various manifestations and roots of anti-Americanism around the world, what it means for the United States and how the United States may address it. It involves approximately 20 leading scholars from the United States and abroad and an audience of about 50 US Government attendees.
    Full Version - http://usinfo.state.gov/regional/nea.../0828state.htm
    As for a small reason of why the US is so intent on finding hidden weapon stock piles -
    Most Intelligence Community agencies project that before 2015 the United States most likely will face ICBM threats from North Korea and Iran, and possibly from Iraq—barring significant changes in their political orientations—in addition to the longstanding missile forces of Russia and China.
    Full Version - http://usinfo.state.gov/topical/pol/arms/02011300.htm
    IN particular, if you are sincerely interested, do a find on CBRN's.

    I'm tired of people bashing the US without any ground to stand upon besides how the US foreign policy is portrayed by the news.
    I agree, the US is no angel, but EVERY country has ulterior motives, hidden agendas, and tainted, corrupt politicians. The US happens to be in the spotlight right now.
    Point? - I am in no way justifying every action by the US, rather, I'm saying, before you point the finger, make sure you know what the hell you're talking about. (this is in general, not an indirect insult towards anyone subscribed to this thread)
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    I think that it sucks that we have huge trades with canada then waste money building bases in countries that don't even need "protection". Personally I think that we should open better trade rather than sell our soldiers as bounty hunters for the U.N. but don't get me wrong though.... I like seeing enamies of U.S. turn into a pile of dust.

    I beleave that the bigest mistake with 911 was when we had a war with bin laden but the gov never did anything to find him intil he started makeing a comeback. The same thing could happen with iraq... I mean we've let these guys slip by us waaaay to much but at the same time its tottal bullcrap. You know bush deal in oil right? After after he has this big war who do you think will profit from this? The gov? The civilians? Nope! bush and his family's oil companies will profit.

    Its cool that we are doing stuff without the U.N. & 2nd rate countries treating larger countries like babies but we are doing this crap for the wrong reason. I don't like the idea of haveing cheap gas but no money to pay for it do you?

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    I think the poll is probably reasonably close, give or take a few percentage points. I can remember back in the sixties we were the most hated country in the world, and I can recall my father saying that everybody hates America until they need us, but everybody still wants to come here and live. Things haven't changed.

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    Good, I don't like them either.

    But seriously, Im a bit confused as to how 35 out of 42 countries surveyed have a favorable opinion of the US leads to the title "Global survey reveals discontent".

    Maybe the full article explains, but, 35/42 = 71% favorable rating among whole countries. That doesn't say GLOBAL DISCONTENT to me.

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    your right IchNiSan, i think this is what it boils down to:

    "The dislike was especially striking in Muslim countries"

    ...what a shocker that is! That could probably be said about any of our allies as well.
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    I wonder though, is it hatred of us, or is it envy of us misinterpreted as hate? America is, or was, the most open and free society ever created. Considering Homeland Security, that might change. It appears now, that to question D.C. and it's actions might be interpreted as seditious. It's a good thing Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington aren't alive, but that's off subject.

    In the Arab nations and Iran, it appears to me, and this is only my opinion, that their anger results from the perceived notion that it's a war against Islam. For the rest of the countries, I blame the United Nations and this moronic idea that we should all bow to the enlightened views proposed by the UN.

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    This Libertarian group was in the student union at school one day, handing out surveys to identify how the student body of my school thought politicly. Turns out, according to this survey, I was a Libertarian along with 90% of the students surveyed.

    I said it once before and I'll say it again: "Statistics are like bikinis, while what they show is interesting, what they hide is even more intriguing ."

    The article lacks information concerning who exactly was surveyed and what exact questions were asked. Without that very importaint information we can take that with a grain of salt.

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