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Thread: Where do I find....?

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    Where do I find....?

    Once again I need to find a good Html-writer......
    I tried whith notepad but I don't have much time to spend at the computer.
    So where do I find one?
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    I guess the real question is do you want it to automate the work or do you want to do all the coding manually. I have found Microsoft's Frontpage and Dreamweaver are both good for automation. Both cost money. and here is a site you can check out. NOTE: I havent tried any of these so I dont know how good they are. http://www.freeplace.net/creators.php

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    There are some free HTML editors that take some of the sting out of the drudgery of writing code by hand. Since I do not know what Operating System you are running, I will list some for both Windows and *NIX (I do not know about Macs):

    First Page 2000 (a new one is supposed to be relased this month or Jan., but I am not holding my breath) www.evrsoft.com kinda buggy and slow, but does the job well.

    http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/ for *NIX. I like this editor a lot.

    as for "automation," most WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver, FrontPage and GoLive, they tend to write junk code you do not need and you have to go back in a plain text editor to fix it anyway which is double the work IMHO. Oh yeah, did I mention they are very expensive?

    Either way, I wish you the best of luck.


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    i agree, frontpage adds things you dont really need. i use notepad, but for coding a lil easier you might wanna try "notetab lite" i think you can get it from http://www.downloads.com
    but you really should use notepad, then you know whats goin in your code.

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    Dreamweaver and notepad or wordpad these three tools world.

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    Thanks for your help..
    I will try to choose one of the ones you told me.
    gore -
    "notetab lite" i think you can get it from http://www.downloads.com
    no is not there...in fact a lot of programs were taken out of downloads.com but thanks.
    I found an interesting thing.
    Somehow I entered a site, I think on http://www.freeplace.net/creators.php
    that Spyrus gave me and I found 1Page2000 made by "Evrsoft"....and it's free......I don't wanna think taht is the same FirstPage200 made by "Eversoft"....what do you think??
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    A shareware program I really like is Ultraedit. I like it because of its versatility. It operates as a Hex/Binary editor as well as text and HTML and others. So it may not be the best HTML but its overall usefulness really sold me.

    I have used Frontpage and for quick, static, simple or starting pages it gets you going quick. Then you can go in using notepad or a text editor to clean it up some or add the functionality. I find that if you use it to add javascript, events etc it really adds a lot of useless code. I have never used Dreamweaver so I cannot comment.
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    I've got 1page 2000 and is nice.....maybe I'll try something else later but from now is just what I need.........Thanks all for your help......but I f you know more links don't hesitate to write them down
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    a bit late I know - but you might also like HTML-kit (it's free) at


    similar to 1st Page (which I have used and I quite liked it ... but some of the javascripts are buggy as hell tho I warn you) but is a bit better in some respects

    anyway ... enjoy whatever u use

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    It also depends on what kind of website your going to be doing. If your going to be doing simple picture and text websites then get a freeware HTML editor. But if your going for frames with applets and super cool flash graphics, then it's worth spending the money on Dreamweaver or Frontpage, I use both.

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