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    Chasing Bad Guys using Linux/free BSD by Australian police

    The installation complements a Linux-based forensic tool being used by law enforcement, called the Storage Media Archival and Recovery Tool (Smart), which was developed by U.S. forensic computer scientist Andrew Scott Rosen of Data Recovery & Acquisition and Analysis.

    Rosen is in Australia with U.S. Linux expert Thomas Rude installing and configuring the machines, which have also been introduced by the Australian Federal Police, Attorney General's office and the Defense Signals Directorate.

    Rosen said the Linux operating system is being used by computer crime units because it is a tool used by the 'bad guys' and police need to know the mechanics of an offense and how it was committed.

    "Serious hackers already use Unix and Linux, so when you seize the computer you also have to know the system to see how a suspect committed the act," he said.

    "To see the police using FreeBSD for forensics is exciting; they are out on the cutting edge.
    It seems to me Australian police already chasing linux hackers here..

    Did anyone know about "SMART(Storage media archival and recovery tool" in US? is that some kind of "Carnivore" use by FBI?

    I've got that link http://www.linuxworld.com.au/news.ph...2052&enotify=1
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    Talking not an awnser but an opinon

    Ok sweet here it is an opinon and some help that you might find usefull

    I don't belive that this is part of the fbi's carnivore project becaus the carivore project is a

    target specific software that is reliant on the warrent that the fbi get for the task at hand or

    at least it is reqired to be with the curent wire tap laws from what I understand them to be

    other wise they would be infringing on your civl libertys under US law

    it was ofcourse only a mater of time before they got a brain and used the tools that are used

    to play the game there is a book available that will give you an advantage it is called Hack I.T.

    this book is one that is built for penitration testing and has a tools cd with a virtual machine

    tool for running both windows and linux at the same time just one draw back ofcourse your

    system resorces are cut in half to support both os in short half the ram and more clock cycles

    used giving you a little lag when useing progies

    you can icq me at 9740512 if you would like more help in any of these types of things I am a

    little behind in the curent trends but I do know a thing or two
    old man how is it you hear these things. young man how is it that you do not.

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