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Thread: Defending AntiOnline.com... hehe!!!

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    Talking Defending AntiOnline.com... hehe!!!

    I was browsing AntiOnline.com and, supported by others, one friend of the rest of my football team says: "every time we come to your house you're on that page (referring to AntiOnline.com), you should be practicing with us or "entertaining" your girlfriend instead of doing that man", so (grrr!!!) i answered back: "yes, i COULD practice, i COULD "ENTERTAIN" my girlfriend and i STILL CAN be browsing and learning from AntiOnline @#$%&!!!".

    What else could i say???, hehe...

    Thanks for being my "teachers" guys, really.

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    sounds like their geekophobes! i wouldn't mind going into that cybercafe but what if, like somebody sees me.


    Their probably right, balance in all things.
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    It sounds like your friends arent the most open minded and accepting of what others do for hobby, fun etc. While surfing the net/ao can be a fun thing to do to kill time, and even educational, its definately a good idea to "unplug" every now and then. Now I don't know your browsing habbits, and I'm certainly not knocking them, but its a good idea to take a break every hour or to to let the eyes rest. Also if your browsing starts interupting every day life, ya might want to take a week or two away from the computer (I know, ive done it many times, its saved my sanity)
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    Its good to have a newcomer appreciate the value of all the information that all the past AO'ers have posted.

    I feel all warm and fuzzy!!

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    Soggybottom... sure it's not the tequila making you warm and fuzzy

    I have to agree that balance is needed, although I find myself hitting refresh WAY too often and feeling all alone in those late hours when nobody's posting. Pathetic, I know, but I do have fun here and I've learned quite a bit in the short time I've been a member. AP's take a little bit of getting used to, but I think the system overall is great. I feel sorry for those that get so carried away with APs that they don't take advantage of all the resources (ie previous posts and live users' brains!).

    Long live AO... hopefully.
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    Really thanks for your comments.

    And bluebeard96... do you know you are so right??? i have realized that almost every time i like to go to the main page of AO and, when i haven't got questions or something to say, see if there's a new thread i could answer back to help somebody (within my little knowledge). Without forgeting my "real" life i could say that AO is now part of my daily doings, yes.. why not? i admit it...

    My friends we'll be at home maybe tomorrow and i'd like to see their faces when they see their comments have become a thread of AO, and some AO guys had been talking about them... hehe!!!


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    i really do think that the information passed on thro AO is of the upermost importance......but if I had to choose between AO and my g/f naked looking for me to entertain her I know what I would choose.......

    /me glares at GG & Debs
    No I would choose her >_<;
    ummmm honest i would


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    hehe, im lucky, my best friend is into hacking and programming, and he builds computers, so yea, im lucky, i met him in a computer class in high school.

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