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Thread: MS Patches?

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    Question MS Patches?

    Do you have to run every MS Patch or just the Latest?

    "I didn't want to start a new thread for this question, but there were way too many posts with the keywords i searched for."

    Thanx Guys/Gals :-)

    Alright guys/gals- i was looking on "http://microsoft.com/technet/" and found the answer to my question.

    Some do, some don't.

    According to Microsoft some patches will include the functionality of all previously patches. And others are more specific as to what they will take care of.</edit>
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Usually just the latest ones, they should include everything else that has been 'fixed'. I always wait a few days before I install patches just to make sure that there isn't something 'buggy' in it.
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    A rule of thumb I go by us ..

    Install em all as they come out.

    But they do tend to be added to service packs, so that any you missed should be in the last SP

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    I usually use the auto update everytime I connect option.If it was on a previous servicepack then when it is installing the install program will bring up a window which would ask you if you want to keep an existing file because the one you are installing is older.Obviously you would then keep the updated one which is then already installed.

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    If you are running windows NT or 2000, maybe XP as well, there is a program called hfnetchk

    Which stands I suppose for hotfix network checker.

    It will scan your machine, and spit out a list of exactly which patches you need. It knows when newer patches overwrite older ones, etc.....

    Just go to www.microsoft.com and then to the downloads page, and search for hfnetchk

    Good Luck

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