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Thread: The Internet Weather Report

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    Lightbulb The Internet Weather Report

    Here is a interseting site which provide Internet weather report around ur city.


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    ok first off, to the above poster, programmer07, did you even bother to go to the website to see what it was about? No? I didn't think you did. The site in question gives a "health" report on the internet and shows flows in the traffic patterns or "weather" patterns of the internet in general.

    now secondly about the site itself. I kind of have a semi-permanent boycott going on with that site, and have had this going on for some time now. I was a memeber of the original Internet Weather Mailing list and Internet Weather website. It was MUCH better than this current incarnation and provided (in my opinion of course) much better and detailed information. There was a huge spat and legal battle over the name which the current folks had "trademarked" even though it had been in use for many years before they did so. The mailing list is of course defunct, and the old website and all of it's infrastructure has gone away. They had some grand plans that I would have loved to have seen come in to play. They even had some nice direct tie-ins with the Mae's and some of the people on that list were VERY in the know about things. I used to learn about any major downtime well in advance, or if some emergency did strike I knew what it was before most "normal" people even had a clue something was going on.

    Remember the big fiber cut that took down most of the east coast a few year back, I think it was in 1998? Well Internet Weather was reporting the cause about 5 minutes after the cut happened and about 12 HOURS before any major news source was talking about it. This was something that effected the entire eastern seaboard and caused major slowdowns for a vast majority of the world.

    Anyway, I'm really not supporting the "new" site because of all the trouble they stirred up with the old site and mailing list. Also I don't really think the information they are giving is all that unique and is stuff that I can find in an easier to read format on other sites now

    Maybe the old site has come back around in another form or name and I just haven't found it yet.

    El Diablo

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    Originally posted here by programmer07
    This is a security site.If I wanted to know about the weather I would go to a weather site.


    Thanks for pointing that site out, it may well prove to be useful

    See below quote explaining what they do -Warning lifted from their site, link provided by sean above-

    "The IWRTM presents ongoing animated scans of conditions within the Internet. It is like daily newspaper or television weather radar reports, except instead of being about real world meteorology, it is about conditions inside the Internet itself. The IWR is presented in geographical maps that show lag, which is round trip time (latency) from our offices in Austin, Texas to thousands of Internet domains worldwide, currently every four hours, six times a day, seven days a week, using ICMP ECHO (ping)."

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