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    Little error in AO's Winamp3 plugins


    Not a big problem and maybe someone said it before, but because it's still not fixed i wanna warn you.

    The thing is that the AO's explanation of how to install plugins in Winamp3 so AntiOnline can note what music you are listening has a little error. It says that the file "listento.zip" must be unziped to "C:\Program Files\Winamp3\Scripts\ListenTo\" but when you unzip it the file comes with another "ListenTo" folder so then when you have to load the plugins instead of being "C:\Program Files\Winamp3\Scripts\ListenTo\script.xml" you'll have "C:\Program Files\Winamp3\Scripts\ListenTo\ListenTo\script.xml", i mean two "ListenTo" folders and i don't know if the plugin will work this way. Besides, there's another file to install called "ListenTo.xml" that must be saved to "C:\Program Files\Winamp3\Scripts\ListenTo\xml" and not to "C:\Program Files\Winamp3\Scripts\ListenTo\ListenTo\xml".

    I know is a "very little" mistake but maybe it could give some problems to a person that is just beginning to work with his/her PC, he/she maybe doesn't realize about the mistake, the plugin doesn't work and he/she doesn't know what to do.

    Maybe AO could fix the route to install the plugins.

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    I noticed that too.

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    there was a post about this a while back and iv ha the same problem to but no one responded to the other post.

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