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    i have a question

    i am a beganer of computer,because i was studying some computer languages,i don't know how can i learn it better
    i want to someone who can gave me some advice!
    thank you!

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    What exactly did you want to learn? "Computers" is a very large subject with many subsets...

    Be more specific :-)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    The best thing to do is get all the books you can, and read them several times. Also, read everything in the AO forums.

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    Leran C++, Thats the best tip i can give you. And learn web programming. Then read everything u can get in the AO archives. They r the best. pEs


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    You dont neccesarily need to buy books.Books are going to be more precise but their are plenty of guides to every language on the internet.Just do a google search to find what you need.


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    If you don't know anything about programming, then you should begin with a simple language like the Basic. Else, learn the C (if you know it, you know all the basis and you can make everything), and after maybe the C++.
    You could also learn Perl or something like it.

    For the books. Go to the tutorial section, it's a good start.
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