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    Football team needs a logo, can u do it?


    I work for the Uruguayan League of American Football (LUFA) and a new team of the youth categories needs a "logo". The team name is the "Beetles" so you can imagine what kind of insect logo it could be, i mean, for example, a fierce beetle with the body of a football, or a beetle carrying a ball, or throwing a pass... i don't know, hope you have more imagination than me.

    The best "logo" made will be the choosen one, the Uruguayan League of American Football will made the new jerseys with it and obviously it will be the first official "logo" of that team in the whole history of our league. Then the league will try to find a way to thank the winner.

    An important thing to consider is that, for the moment, there are no more people doing this "logo" because i asked the league to give AO's visitors and members a chance to make it. So, for now on, our league is waiting for you to present your finished "logos".

    If you are interested, just post an answer here saying that you will start drawing it and predict how much time it will take you to do it. I will be in touch always answering your questions.

    The league asks that you try to present your work in CorelDraw or another vector program. If it's not possible, well... you can send JPG, BMP or GIF's images.

    You can visit http://www.lufauruguay.com if you like.

    Thanks and good luck!!!

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    You should post this same message in "www.deviantart.com" - there, you will find a lot of really good artists. As i've seen before, AO members don't always make the best artists... lol
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Hey!!!, thanks for the link above. You're right, they seem to have a lot of real artists there.

    Must i lose the "faith" in AO's "artists"?, hehe!!!

    Thanks, really.

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