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Thread: HackCanada

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    Hey has any one visited http://www.hackcanada.com lately.Well i visited it a few weks ago and it said it was closed down by the US goverment for terrorist activities and that the owners of the site were getting extradited to the US for terrorisim acts.Now the webpage has changed to F**k the US statements.At first i thought it was a joke the first time and never thought anything more of it and i visited the website tonigh to be greeted by a similar but changed front page.So does anyone know if this is real or a joke ?
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    hack canada

    It could be the greatest joke on earth who knows? For some reason it reminded me of that old saying "one picture is worth a thousand words". Auntie
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    LOL....Brilliant. Makes a great wallpaper!

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    I love it!!!!!!!

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    Hmm...weird, but what the site says seems true:

    Well well well... Seems Ol' George certainly has not underestimated the stupidity of the American population. C'mon, wake up! Your country is being run by a criminal syndicate. The "Patriot" Act? The Homeland "Security" Act? Heh. It is funny to watch. Just when you think "no way, he'll *never* get away with something like <insert_heinous_atrocity_on_freedom_here>!" He declares war against every nation that refuses to suck his ****, stomps on your civil liberties, laughs in your faces, and you all tag along like frigging lap-dogs. Sheer comedy! And yet, as I sit and laugh at the gullibility of your nations citizens, I know Canada is next in line. Soon the USA will openly police our country with their military. Our natural resources will be openly raped at a grotesque rate, rather than slowly and in secret as they are at the present. And then finally, the raping of what freedoms we still have left in this country. We will be easy prey for the "New World Order". Right?

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    hehehe its just funny ... lol
    c0z i can

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    I'd say it's true.
    But then think about the image they have up now? And the message? Wouldn't that be "somehow" constituted as anti-american or something? Wouldn't that be enough to have the url removed or something?

    In a sense, while it seems true, it could be a joke as well....

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    Wouldn't that be "somehow" constituted as anti-american or something? Wouldn't that be enough to have the url removed or something?
    What are you talking about? Have the url removed from where? From AO? Why? By the looks of it, most people find it amusing.
    And yeah, it is funny. But does anybody know how to access their content? My computer crashes constantly and I d/l stuff from there, but I can't get to it right now. Any help?
    Oh, and just what happened to them? I had no idea anything had. If anybody could help me out on the story, it would be appreciated, I'll go look on google first though.

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    Eerr.. what I meant is if the US finds the site to be Anti-American or whatnot, why not have it removed, or taken over. Not from this tread or AO.

    You can't access anything from that site because of what we've been talking about. If the site has been taken down due to new legistlation in the US (Homeland Security Act, Patriot Act) then the content was the reason. Which is why I said, if the whole thing was a seemingly Terrorist oriented site, why keep it up?

    I don't care, I find it amusing (especially the nazi symbol on bush's jacket)

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    Yikes!! That is disturbing. I'm not all for these acts that our crappy(sorry to anyone who supports bush) president is pushing, but that kind of crosses the line. Until the makers of that site go to NYC, and see the remains of 9-11, I think they should think about what the real problem is here, and not about how their site was not accessable.
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