Hey I'm sort of new to hacking and I'm looking for a mentor to guide me in my learnings. To answer a few questions first:

#1. NO I'm not a script kiddy

#2. My main purpose for hacking is to find out different bugs in my system and for information

#3. I'm not a complete newbie, but I'm pretty close. I know the jist of Netbios but have never gotten it to work, I also know some telnet. But thats pretty much it.

#4. NO I am not in any-way trying to act cool to friends ect ect.

#5. I know many programing languages such as: Delphi, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic 6, Python, ect.

#6. I'm currently running windows xp on this computer... Ive also got a 95 computer sitting right next to me. Sometime next week I'm going to put Linux Redhat 8.0 on this computer (partition the drive)...

Is there anyone out there whos willing to teach meh? Add me on aim: goonish88, msn: goonish88@hotmail.com, e-mail: goonish88@aol.com...