I'm a newbi. Just want to say hi. The FAQ page says I should talk about why
I joined. Well, I've been getting a pause in on my computer. About every ten
minites the computer pauses for about 30 sec. then startes again right were it
lift off. The window doesn't close, but will freeze. Even when it downloads, it
will do it, but I don't lose anything. A few seconds after the freeze, it will do it
again, but only for a few seconds. I've run 3 different anti-virus programs with
no viruses showing. I've even run an anti-spy program and got rid of all the
spy and ad stuff, but I still have the problem. Is it possable that someone has
put a back-door into my system with out any of the 4 programs being able to
find it? The system does this on line and off line. Maybe somebody can
give me some help. Maybe it's time for me to learn more about secuity with
computers. Well, that's it for now. From what I've read so far, there is alot
to learn. Sounds like I will have fun too.