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Thread: converting quicktime files to MPEG or AVI video format

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    converting quicktime files to MPEG or AVI video format

    hi, im posting this for a friend of mine who wants to know if its possible to convert a quicktime file (he's unsure of what file type as one of his friends asked him to ask me) to either an mpeg file or an AVI file (he would prefer MPEG though)

    id be after a free tool that would keep the sound and quality if there is anything out there that can do this id be greatful, i know there are proggies that can do mpeg and avi stuff but not sure on quicktime stuff as i dont use it much

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    Hmmm, never tried. . .but this is a good place to start. . .http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...cktime+to+Mpeg
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    Bink And Smacker

    On windows/ you can get "RAD Video Tools" by the Bink and Smacker creators. It will convert and play various types of video and audio. I use it to convert *.mov to *.avi, i think it also does *.mpeg .

    This only helps if you got windoze though!

    Here's the download page

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    Yeah, Radtools is the way to go. Quicktimes are hard to work with because the format is so proprietary. If you have Quicktime Pro or Adobe Premiere, both of those can export to AVI as well, but of course they are not free.

    If your friend is thinking of going to MPEG, DO NOT attempt to go directly to MPEG with Rad Tools or any other tool except TMPGEnc. I have been working extensively with digital video and MPEG encoding lately, and I can tell you that TMPGEnc has absolutely the best MPEG quality of any encoder out there, including Cinema Craft, *if you use the right options*. And it's free. You can get some templates for it that will give you unbelievable quality and file size at www.kvcd.net
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