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Thread: Which should i choose as the server?

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    Question Which should i choose as the server?


    If i have 1 Windows XP, 1 Windows Millennium and 4 Windwos 98 PC's, which of them should i choose to be the server of a LAN?. I mean for security issues, compatibility with software (like firewalls), etc. Besides, should i choose the fastest PC or this is not a problem for monitoring the LAN?


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    My personal choice wouldn't be any Windows machine, but rather a *nix one. But, if it has to be one of those, I'd have to say WinXP. It's the best (IMHO) out of the three, which really isn't saying much. If you always stick to Windows, you should try getting Win2k Pro or Advanced Server, it's the best Windows OS IMHO.
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    yup, as spyder32 said, i'd use the X(p)box as the server. win2k has a routing service that lets you use it as a router. definately use xp if it has this. set it up as a router and a gateway for the net. then the other boxes should be secured nicely from the outside. but for feck sake make sure the xpbox is patched upto its personified eyeballs.

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    I agree with Spyder32.

    Out of the OS's you currently have, WinXP is the best. I hope that is the Pro edition, becacuse the home version is crap. If you don't have pro, you might want to think about trying a *nix server.

    At first, if you don't know anything about the OS or how to configure it, it can be kind of fustrating. Believe me.

    But don't worry... There is PLENTY of documentation online about it. There is a "how to" for practically every scenario you want to setup.

    If you have your heart set on M$, then like Spyder32 said, get either win2k pro or win2k advanced server. They are going to be the best options for a M$ server.
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    I also agree. Out of those, XP would be the best. I wouldn't get Windows 2000 if you have a tight or low budget, because it's quite expensive. I would also suggest a *nix type. The only downside I saw to that is, when you're new to it, it can be a bit confusing but you'd learn fast if that's what you choose.
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    the XP box is basically the only choice here, it has (in most cases) stability on its side, myself and some friends ran an XP pro box as a server and gateway for the net as well on an old p-2 box with a pile of RAM, it ran like a dog but it was just a stand alone server, sometimes network authentication and IP addy assignmetn was slow but thats coz of the slow computer, never gave us any really bad problems either

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    Windows XP pro is the only one even vaguely suited as a server, as other posters noted Win9x (+ME) are not stable enough.

    I hope you don't want to run any Microsoft-based server software on there, because they are all horribly crippled unless you buy the server OS. Also the Windows "server" service is crippled on the workstation versions with a hard maximum user limit (although if those 5 boxes are your only clients, I wouldn't worry).

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    id have to say 2k adv server, if you can find it easily... its kinda expensive.... if you cant afford it go for 2k pro, its the next best.

    i find XP to be a pain in the ass sometimes...

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    I'd go with XP, its a royal pain, but it has good software compatibility between the OS's. I would also look into any of the *nix OS's. They were built to be a server. XP has some good security options too. Only they stink... anyways go with XP

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