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Thread: Hacker From the 'Hood Tells All

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    Hacker From the 'Hood Tells All

    Ran across this on wired.com and was wondering if anyone has read it yet. If so, what did you think of it?

    You never really hear or expect a poor dude from the hood to be a hacker/cracker...
    Seems kinda interesting, but I want a readers opinion before I shell out another US $24.95.

    Here is the article.

    "In many ways technology saved me. It allowed me to escape from a world of violence and negativity into a world that was limitless and unrestrictive," Nuwere said.

    "When I was online I was free to be anyone. I didn't have to be a poor kid on welfare, I could be John Doe from suburban Pennsylvania."
    "I think the book will help kids realize, like I realized early on, that while cracking might seem like fun and games, the consequences are real," Nuwere said. "Prison is real. Get a job, start your own company, anything other than trying to make money breaking into computers illegally. It will never work out.
    Maybe this is a good book for all the skiddies that tend to frequent the site.

    Also, this is Nuwere's site if anyone is interested.
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    I think this is a good post, and many young people that are involved in the hacking and cracking business or non-sense, should read this article. It will always come back to get you. Even though hacking/cracking kepted this guy away from gangsta life, it was not the right way to go. There are other ways of not getting involved with the hood. He did it, he regreted it, and us young ones should take it as a valuable lesson. Try not to make the same mistake he did, even though he is correcting it by warning us while we are young. -Ebo

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    Thanks for this post... I like this positive part:

    Nuwere now owns the Nuwere Corporation, a Manhattan security consulting company. He is also creating an organization for people of color who are involved with technology.
    I might gonna get that book

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    I think you better look and read this one:
    Prohibido Prohibir

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