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    Hackers: Outlaws and Angels

    TLC will be airing a special called Hackers: Outlaws and Angels Wednesday December 11th at 10 PM Eastern time.

    As fast as computer users throw up firewalls, hackers find ways to break in to commit cybercrimes. While some hackers use their talents to help companies strengthen security, others commit sabotage and theft in the war for IT supremacy.
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    Thanks for the heads up magnoon! I hope that I am able to watch the program. It sounds interesting.
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    he i saw that comercial on tv too there was that hipi guy talking about it i think its gona be interesting thx for remaining me
    c0z i can

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    I will be sure to catch that.Speaking of this tech tv put a show on about hacking.
    Here is the link if you guys are interested.


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    Good post -I was going to post the same thing -did a quick search and discovered that you beat me to it.
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