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Thread: how do we...

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    how do we...

    know the country source of an IP addr?can list some eg...

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    If you're talking about resolving an IP address to a country, you can use a program like NeoTrace, or the IP-Locator in the Tools and Toys section on this site. These aren't always the most accurate tools though, and they can't be relied on 100% to tell you the exact location of the computer which the IP address is assigned to.

    There is also a tutorial by Ankit Fadia on resolving IP addresses to actual places:
    Getting geographical Information using an IP Address

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    Also, if you want to go through the steps manually, you could go to

    American Registry of Internet Numbers


    Then, if the IP is not US, it will direct you to www.apnic.com or www.ripe.com for Asia pacific and Europe respectively.

    Where you can get closer info.

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