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Thread: Quake III Source Available...

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    Quake III Source Available...

    Hey All,

    Just wanted to point out that ID Software (www.idsoftware.com) has recently released the source to not only Quake I and II, but III and III Arena as well. The sources (under GNU Public License), as well as tools, can be downloaded at http://www.idsoftware.com/business/home/techdownloads/

    I'm looking to see if I can understand it and use it somehow (if ever )

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    Holy smokes! That's quite a show of support for the open-source community, eh? Thanks for the heads-up, tyger_claw.
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    The Quake III code source! It's a dream!
    This does not include any engine source (i.e. rendering, network, etc.).
    Yes, it was a dream. We finally won't be able to create the new ultimate game in 3 days.
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    While it might not have the rendering or the network support, it will in a short time. If you look at both Quake I and II, both have a full release of the game, including the redering and network support, so I say, give it a little time and ID will release the whole thing.

    I'm anxious to see how long before they release Castle Wolfenstein (if ever)

    BTW, Kisscool, Quake III source release 1.27g does have all it needs (as far as I can tell)

    This is the combined source code for Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena. It can be used to build the 1.27g point release or the Team Arena release. It contains buildable project files and all related game source code as well as prebuilt tool executables.

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