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Thread: genesys drivers

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    genesys drivers

    I was taking a look at my hardware setings and i noticed that under network adapters i had a genesys adapter. It had all the drivers installed etc, now i don't have any kind of card or device that would use them and what's more i don't even know what they are. After a google search i found out they were a utility to connect your network to a another, mainly for debit and credit card transactions! I'm on a university network so obviously i have no need for this, i am the only person that uses this pc aswell and i'm positive i never installed them, so my question is how might they of got on my comp and what harm might they do/of done?

    btw i have uninstalled them now just in case.

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    I can't tell you how they got on your computer or what was done with them, but I wouldn't stress over it. Genesys has a wide range of adapters dealing with network communications, call centers, contact management, VOIP, Peoplesoft Integration etc. Are there any Genesys applications installed on the PC?

    Did you get the PC new, or was it a used machine. If it was new and you are the only one that uses it then I would be a little suspicious. Who has access to it, do you have a bios password set?
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