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Thread: Geforce4 or Xabre400 or 600???

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    Question Geforce4 or Xabre400 or 600???


    Has someone tested, proved, or compared the "new" SiS Xabre400 or 600 video card with the nVidia Geforce4? I'm going to buy a new video card but can't decide which of these two brands choose. Do you know any advantage of any of them? What's your opinion?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well the SiS Xabre400 is about on par with a Geforce 2. Another thing to watch out for when buying a video card is the Gforce 4 MX cards. A gforce 4 MX is the same as a geforce 2 with a new name. Might want to take a look at this link for some more reading.
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    Best bet is to always look at sites that compare hardware (such as the site listed by cwk9) Sites that are usually good to check are pc consumers magazines (ie: PC Magazine.com), as well as pc gaming magazines (ie: PC Gamer)

    Also, do a check on google for key words like "geforce4"+"Xabre400"+"review" or something along those lines. You'l get results of online tech sites with comparison reviews, suggested buying and so.

    Hope this helps

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    well as far as cards go from what ive used, you cant really go past a GeForce card for performance - value
    i got an XFX (made by Pine) GF4 Ti4200 128MB card and its great, havnt overclocked it at all (don't intend to either) and it works a treat, tried BF1942 on it and it runs perfectly in 800 x 600 mode which ive heard is an achievement, havnt done a 3dmark test on it yet though

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    Definately go for the GeForce4 Ti 4200 or 4600 (not much difference, over all)over SiS's bizarre attempt...nVidia has been doing it for years and have a "pretty good" grasp on the industry. If you really want top of the line, go for ATI's Radeon 9700 Pro or the brand new Radeon All-in-Wonder 9700.
    All of this is assuming that you have a free AGP slot on your mobo and strong enough components to make the $$ worthwhile. (No need to bottleneck a mega-fantastic vid card)

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