im on dial up, trying to set up redhat 8 as a gateway to the net and using my new win2k pro box (NTFS) to access the net thru redhat 8 which also has a samba share on it i would like to use

heres the problem and what i have so far...:
redhat 8 box:
workgroup name: PHROSTY-BOI
dialup connection configured which works perfectly on its own

win2k pro box:
same workgroup name as redhat 8
the gateway is set up as (redhat box)
so far i have netbios enable for the LAN connection so i can (theoretically) get at the samba share, i only have the primary DNS name (i think) at the moment but will get the DNS addys soon

the main problem is i can ping the linux box from win2k and can ping win2k from the linux box btu i cant access the net from win2k or access my samba share either, if anyone could help it would be great, i'll attach my smb.conf file if that will be of any help to you in solving my little problem...