Hello Everyone! My name is Tony, Alias Madrabits. I love TECHNO!!!! and I'm a very cheery nice teen guy. I hate no one, not even someone who may destroy the very contents of my computer! I just see it as a challenge to better secure my computer. DAMN YOU CABLE MODEMS!!! he he. I'm always here to help people, with problems not relating to computers, but to life. Been doing it for years and it's gotten me a great reputations among friends and they consider me a great friend because they know i can be trusted! I love to do martial arts, and make websites and draw, but i need to work on the drawing part...alot...he he. I also am in the Gay-Straight Alliance club in my school, and yes i am striaght for those who might ask. But im wokring for a more peaceful world this way! Well, thats about it..oh yeah! I'm 15, 125 pounds, and 5'10" tall! Thats about it!