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Thread: AOL Linux security

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    AOL Linux security

    I have 2 questions, thanx in advance...

    1)How could i use AOL in linux?
    2)How could i do question1 witha firewall?

    For question 1, i used AOL's dial-up number (393-5000), but its said it wasn't allowed to connect to the port it was connecting to.

    I really don't like Windows, so i have a dual boot computer. 1 partition is Windows ME, another with XP, and another with Red Hat Linux 7.2. Any help would be appreciated. thanx


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    Never used AOL but a quick Google search turned up this - may or may not help;


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    Huh, image that.

    I got a new pc a while ago, and it came with one free year aol... so I registered it to use for dial up access when I didn't have broadband... problem was... my laptop is linux.

    AOL said that they didn't support Linux and that there was no way possible to connect to their network using linux...

    lying bastards!

    Anyway, just as well... I hate aol.
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    I like to think of aol as a bloodsucking company anyhow.So your best bet would be to not run their lame service at all
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    I started a post on installing AOL on linux a few months ago. You can read it here.


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    Rumor has it that AOL network people (employees only) have a AOL distro for Linux....
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Thanks for all the replies, im just gonna dump AOL. Now what should i get in place of AOL, that i could use linux with. Thanx again!!!!


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