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Thread: WindowsXP.nu under fire!

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    WindowsXP.nu under fire!

    WindowsXP.nu is under heavy fire from Microsoft.


    Microsoft is threatening a lawsuit under the guise that the site violates international copyright laws and that visitors could potentially confuse the site with the official windows xp site.

    Actually im surprised the site has still up for this long. Mr. Bink has been rather blatant, although I doubt anyone would confuse it with the MS web site.

    Better get your bootable binary file while its still available.
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    Yeah Steven Bink's www.windowsXP.nu has been up before windowsXP was released and has always provided good links to leaked stuff.

    I've spoken to Steven a while ago on MSN messenger about the legality and then he didn't seem to have any trouble..

    But I havent spoken him in a couple of months.. so I don't know... I hope for the best for my fellow dutch man..
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    gr8 site, i didn't know it before.

    thanx guys.
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    I see nothing wrong with the site. I wonder if MS isn't upset at Antispy in the downloads that lets you turn off all communication to Microsoft. I use it and have disabled everything that might communicate with Microsoft. I highly recommend it.

    Other than that, all I see is another Windows site offering some good tips and downloads. If MS is so upset, maybe they ought to look at the thousands of other sites doing the same thing.

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    wow, i'm very supprised i haven't seen that page before.... Thank you for bringing it to light! Too bad they might be moving soon.... M$ is just jelous of their success!
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