Hi there!

Would like to ask if anyone has ever used or owned an ECS Desknote i-Buddie 3C (a.k.a A901)?

I'm planning to purchase one soon, as a replacement to my office computer which is a Pentium MMX 233MHz w/ 64Mb RAM running on Windows 95. I know... its a date machine but served its purpose well.

I need a replacement machine that is powerful (compared to my old Pentium MMX 233MHz), something portable that I could bring at home and at work without having to transfer files from one computer to another. But most of all, a machine that won't cost as much as a notebook.

The replacement machine won't definitely be running any hi-end games but rather would be used primarily on developing web applications and standard windows applications. Planning to have it run on a dual-boot Win9x/NT/2000 and Linux.

Just would like to know if anyone of your guys have encountered any problems using it? Is the quality of the Desknote good or flimsy?