Hello there,

I was clearing some back-up tapes these days, since I repaired my tape drive (broken some time ago) and I found a relatively old dBase IV file, lying around encrypted. Since I could remember that file was normally used without any key I've tested it again with the dBase proggie which filled it at its time.

Of course it didn't worked. Then I thought that my old list of "bottles and clients" will be a good exercise for anyone which wants to know more about DBF encryption (including myself).
There are no memo fields and the encryption key can be seen in its "reserved" space in the header.

My search for some documentation about dBASE IV encryption algorithm pushed me nowhere, as I do not know exactly what to look for. Does someone know what did Ashton-Tate at their time, with dBase IV in this field ?

And hehe .. during my websearch I found LOADS of password crackers for any other type of database (paradox, lotus, access db2, even for oracle), but not for dBase. Is that because the algorithm is well known (and I'm bloody stupid between my cave walls), or because there isn't any published documentation available ?

Thanks for the time reading this. Anything which will drive my research on the good path is welcome, including kicks