I hope someone can answer this because I really need to get this to work. I was having no problems with sendmail at all ( oh yea red hat linux 8) anyways. now I cannot send any mail. I use pine and it says it sent but I have sent many test mails to myself and have not received any. I thought I would try to restart the service to see if that helps and I get an error (see attachment)

now here is the problem. I know I could just uninstall and reinstall and it will work again but I am currently in a different state than the linux server . I am new to linux so I am not sure if there is a way I can do this from a shell.

I checked rpmfind.net and found the sendmail for redhat 8 and now I am wondering what I can do to install the rpm. Do i have to download it and upload to the shell or is there a way that I can just point it to where this file is located on the web?

Also if anyone knows how to fix this without reinstalling sendmail that would be great
any help appreciated, I am in a bit of a bind.


maybe i should post the screen shot huh, might help

Well I found it finally. Thanks to people in redhat irc chat room.
Just incase anyone ever comes across this post cause there having the same problem just go to rpmfind.net and download RPM for sendmail and then upload to user DIR

Now you want to uninstall sendmail using rpm -e filename (exaple sendmail-8.12.5-7)
and then install it again rpm -i filename.rpm