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Thread: Recommend PGP -Red Hat 8.0

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    Recommend PGP -Red Hat 8.0

    Ive been searching for PGP, so that I can familiar myself with it. I use Red Hat 8.0, but all these versions are for 5.0, so im like wtf?
    Here is an example^

    So im trying to find one that will work with my version of Red Hat, Does anyone run PGP in this version? if so, can you recommend or tell me where you got your own? Thanks for any help.
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    why dont u use gnu privacy is practically the same thing except free...also i believe that it comes with RH8.0 installation else if you want the latest version go to

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    If you are a linux user(RedHat), definitly, use gnu privacy guard. aka..... gpg. There should be an RPM on your install CD. If I am correct, there are options available to use the open source gpg with a GUI mail program for gnome or kde, and other gui/command line stuff. Don't use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for you linux system, there are free open source apps which do the same things....

    /me agrees completely with emPtYKnOw

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